Engaging Mobile

Welcome to Gigahertz

"It always starts with an idea"

Starting a new company in today's society means there has to be more substance and meaning behind a companies mission statement outside the bottom line. At Gigahertz, we strive to build products and solutions to help people live. At a given time we may be testing out a new solution and 10 others to see if it justifies giving the time and effort needed to have it make a difference.

As you will see over the coming months, we will release 3-5 different products with each one being something that can create a change in society.

The first of these are:

  • Prtnrd
  • Netainment Live
  • Recollect
  • Versatap
  • Cowrkr

To find out more about how you can be apart of something special feel free to send an email and inquire.